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Top left Xipheroceras,  The rock has split in two to reveal the keel.  The tip of a spine is in the other half of the rock, which needs to be reattached (why not buy your adhesive at the same time!).  It appears the Xipheroceras will be surrounded by smaller ammonites, probably mainly Cymbites and small Promicroceras.  The Xiph should be around 40mm.  It is a nice specimen and will prepare well, but experience is needed to keep the spines.

Top right Caenesites.  This ammonite has been split through, so it needs to be glued back and then prepared (more use for the glue you bought for the last batch!).  Initially thought this specimen might have a section of shell missing (bite mark) but looking closely we can see the shell edge on the broken surface.  Around it are more smaller Caenesites and possibly other species. 

Bottom right Promicroceras block.  On the edge is a 30mm ammonite is a suspected Xipheroceras, but might be a big Prom.  On the top surface is what appears to be another Promicroceras of around 20mm.  The far edge has the weathered keels of two more ammonites of around 10mm, so probably a bed running through the block.

Advanced Difficulty. 

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