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First and second top left are both blocks containing Promicroceras.  This stone sometimes contains the rare ammonite Epophioceras (not these pieces!), but these each contain Promicroceras, they can prepare very well.

Top right Dactylioceras commune from the Yorkshire coast. 

Bottom left a Xipheroceras of about 30-35mm.   A second, slightly angled Xipheroceras of around 15-20mm is in the block.  On the edge of the stone is the eroded edge of a piece of wood, against which the ammonites had washed up. 

Bottom centre is an Arnioceras at an angle and on the edge of the rock a second specimens keel is revealed.  Both are 20-25mm. 

Bottom right is a Caenesites turneri.  Only the very end of the body chamber is visible on one side of the nodule.  Prepared from the other side it should reveal a specimen of 50-55mm.  This would benefit from the use of air-abrasive.

Advanced Difficulty.

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