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Universities, Museums, Heritage Trusts and Research Institutions

With our own background in palaeontological and geological research and conservation, we do what we can to support universities, museums and research institutions. ZOIC PalaeoTech are trusted suppliers to many palaeontological and geological organisations around the world.

Bulk Quantities and Pricing

On many of our products, we are able to offer bulk quantities and discounts so please do get in contact if this is something you require. 

Purchase Orders

We accept purchase orders. Please email these to info@zoicpalaeotech.co.uk. We will then issue with a Proforma Invoice. Contact us for further information. 

Customisations for Research Equipment

We also understand that sometimes there is often something very specific that you need. With our range of air scribes, there is a good chance that we are able to customise features to suit your requirements. In the past we have fitted diffuse exhausts to some of our air scribes (for fragile fossils), and even changed the internal design and materials to not require lubrication so that the scribe can be used on fossils that will be subjected to geochemical analysis. We are also able to provide you with custom-ground styli, different lengths and different geometries. If you have a request, do let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate it.

Remote Location Fieldworkers

Our passion has always been fieldwork - we continue to conduct fieldwork expeditions in Transylvania. This definitely brings about a different perspective for us. We have managed to design the only fossil preparation air scribe in the world (The ZPT-TR T-Rex) that can run off a tiny, battery powered air compressor that fits in hand luggage. It has exceptionally low air consumption and runs at extremely low air pressures, which means it can be powered off an airbrush compressor when fitted with its 1.5mm stylus. Whilst it's usually a good idea to avoid trying to do prep in the field, some exploratory work can be so incredibly useful! Without access to electricity, a few battery packs is all you need to allow you to do some exploratory prepwork on site. More information here.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, either using the contact form below or emailing us on info@zoicpalaeotech.co.uk.