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Take all the hassle out of mixing up your own Paraloid™ solutions at home. 5% wt/vol Paraloid B-72 premixed in acetone available in 500ml and 1000ml bottles. No additives, no nasties, just straight up Paraloid in Acetone ready to use out of the bottle.

A 5% solution can be used as a consolidant. The solution can be further diluted as per user requirements.

In fossil preparation, we use very thin solutions of Paraloid B-72 to consolidate or impregnate rocks and fossils, essentially turning them to plastic. Repeat applications of 2-5% wt/vol solutions in acetone are frequently used to consolidate, followed by a 5-10% wt/vol solution to seal the surface. Consolidation works best on more porous rocks and fossils, which is pretty handy as these more porous or friable rocks are often the ones that require consolidation. Equally, this solution can be used to wick into hairline fractures.

Read our comprehensive guide to using Paraloid B-72 in fossil prep here. 

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