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Compatible with:

  • ZPT-TB The Trilobite
  • ZPT-MR The Microraptor
  • ZPT-VR The Velociraptor
  • ZPT-BT The Bronto

Compatible with many fossil preparation tools and air scribes. Allow your tools to perform at their best. Essential for the maintenance of the majority of air scribes.

Our formulation of lubricant allows for maximum freedom of movement for all internal mechanisms, reducing friction and therefore imparting more power. Simply apply to the airline or the tool/stylus as directed in the instruction manual of your fossil prep tool. Wherever you have metal on metal you get various forms of wear, and by applying air tool oil which creates a protective barrier film you eliminate the majority of this wear. Whilst some tools can run dry, it is usually recommended to lubricate them frequently.

10ml bottle with dropper applicator or 120ml bottle with dropper applicator. 

 This oil is not compatible with ZPT-CP The ZOIC Chicago, ZPT-AT The Ammonite or ZPT-TR The T-Rex and its use with these tools will lead to a loss in power. We use LOW VISCOSITY Air Tool Oil for these tools, available here. 

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