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Knife-grade, transparent-opaque adhesive (very light basic colour), based on epoxyacrylate, high bonding power, very fast surface drying and processability. Does not change its consistency by stirring. Resistant to chemical preparation in dilute acids and alkalis.

Extremely strong adhesive, which can be used for large blocks and stones, and mixed with powdered stone or epoxy pigments for colouration or to create artificial rock/calcite. Resistant to water, petrol, mineral oils and high temperatures up to 110°C. 

Offers a shorter working/processing time than AKEMI Marble Filler 1000, as well as a considerably faster hardening time. Much higher chemical resistance if using solvents/acids/alkalis in your preparation, and higher resistance to water. Epoxy acrylate resins are more durable and stronger than polyester resins like AKEMI Marble Filler 1000, but are more expensive.

Processing/working time 5-15 minutes. Hardening time 15-40 minutes. Processing temperature 0-30°C.

Excellently suitable for bonding and filling of natural stone. Suitable for vertical applications as well as for modelling of corners and edges. 

  • Exterior / Interior: Interior
  • Bonding application: Bonding, Filling
  • Working time: Short
  • Adhesive technology: Epoxy-acrylate (also known as vinyl ester; not to be confused with pure epoxy)
  • UV stability: Well
  • Bonding: Rigid
  • Hardening time: Fast
  • Polishing ability: Excellent
  • Consistency: Gel-like
  • Colour: Transparent, Can be coloured

900ml + 30g hardener. 

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