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Genuine Chicago Pneumatic CP9361 Air Scribe® industrial engraver. Lightweight and powerful. Adjustable power output from the twist valve on the body which makes it remarkably flexible. Designed for engraving on metals, plastics, glass, ceramics and more. This is an impact driven design with an internal piston that makes it surprisingly powerful for its size.

The CP9361 is an incredibly durable tool made from premium components. The stylus has a tungsten carbide tip, fully capable of working on abrasive and hard surfaces. We do not recommend this model for fossil preparation, but we do offer a mod kit to convert it into a 'ZOIC Chicago' fossil preparation air scribe. 

Supplied with:

  • 2.4m airline hose
  • Filter cartridge
  • At ZOIC PalaeoTech, we supply the tool with a FREE male PCL/Euro quick connector that you need to plug it in (which does not come as standard with the CP9361).

This is a genuine product, complete with original Chicago Pneumatic packaging and a unique serial number. Genuine CP tools are subject to stringent quality control checks and typically have a significantly lower air consumption than copies on the market. Any more than 0.21CFM or 6l/min an it's not the real deal. As they say, buy nice or buy twice!

In fossil preparation, unmodified CP9361s are widely used before the advent of modern tooling, particularly in the USA (where CP tools were originally manufactured - they are now made in Europe). The stylus and bushing are very different compared to our modified ZPT-CP ZOIC Chicago. If you are looking for a CP9361 specifically modified for fossil preparation, have a look at the ZPT-CP ZOIC Chicago. We also offer a 'mod-kit' to convert your CP-9361 at home.

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