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Authored by: J. R. Young (ed.), A. S. Gale (ed.), R. I. Knight (ed.) and Andrew B. Smith (ed.)
Series Number: 12
Publication Date: 2010
Pages: 312

Published by the Palaeontological Association, 2010.

The Albian (Lower Cretaceous) Gault Clay of south–east England and north–east France covers only a small area, but contains a wide variety of well–preserved vertebrate and invertebrate fossil remains. The coastal exposures at Folkestone, Kent, and at Wissant, in the Pas de Calais, are particularly well known to collectors, and this field–guide, written by a variety of experts in the field, is the most comprehensive illustrated account of the Gault fauna yet to have been published.

ISBN-10: 1444335421
ISBN-13: 9781444335422
Dimensions: 21.6 × 14 × 2.2 cm
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