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by Steve Snowball and Craig Chivers

With prehistoric life and scene reconstructions by Andreas Kurpisz

Siri Scientific Press (1 February, 2022) 978-1-8381528-5-7 RRP £19.99

160 pp, 240 x 165 mm, soft cover, 250+ colour photographs & illustrations


From the back cover
The ability to travel through time, whether it is to fix a mistake in the past or gain insight into the future, has long been embraced by science fiction and debated by theoretical physicists.

An old journal, found on a Dorset beach, provides evidence that two Edwardian fossil enthusiasts from the past (aka Steve Snowball and Craig Chivers) have already interacted with the future and recorded their remarkable journey along the West Dorset coast. Their observations are now to be seen in this superbly illustrated and highly informative book.  

The journal is further enhanced with illustrations by palaeo-artist, Andreas Kurpisz.

THE JOURNEY: an introduction

Let us attempt to explain. We are travellers: travellers in time and where, armed only with our knowledge of the past, we have embarked upon a journey of enlightenment. Our journey is purely speculative; a portrait of a time, seen through the eyes of those in the future and through the people and experiences of the past.

Ignore some of the flaws in the logic! This is a journal of our travels; our interactions with the future, in order to gain a better understanding of the past and present. All we ask is that you accept what is speculatively possible according to the laws of physics, not what is plausible or technologically feasible. Our findings cannot change the past but can help form a basis for a better future understanding of a past in deep time.

This journal explains some of our findings, in a format that we hope brings our extraordinary journey to life and helps to form a bridge between science and art.

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