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Get started in the world of fossil preparation with this exceptional value bundle! Everything you need to plug in and get prepping with easy to follow instructions.

  • ZOIC PalaeoTech ZPT-AT The Ammonite

  • NuAir Silenced 24l 1.5kW (2.0HP) Air Compressor

  • Quick Start Guide

  • FFP3 Dust Mask

  • Safety Glasses

  • All of the connectors and fittings required to plug in and get prepping!

Everything you need to get started

An affordable start in pneumatic fossil preparation, with the famous ZOIC PalaeoTech customer support.

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Air Scribe

The ZOIC PalaeoTech ZPT-AT The Ammonite, an all-rounder fossil preparation tool. Small, light and powerful. Interchangeable stylus options.


Air Compressor
A 24l Silenced Air Compressor, providing the compressed air your air scribe needs to run! 



An essential part of the kit, required to keep you safe. Protect your eyes and lungs.


The ZPT-AT The Ammonite is a well suited, all-rounder air scribe that will suit most workshops at a bargain price. It is exceptionally suited to prepping most British fossils and many others worldwide. Based loosely on the design of a CP-9361, this model will give you a lot more matrix removal power than the Trilobite.

Weight: 160g (6.64oz)

Dimensions: 130mm length, 16mm diameter (5.1" long, 5/8" diameter)

Optimal Working Pressure: 6.2 Bar (90 PSI)

Air Consumption: 10lpm (0.35 CFM)

Noise: 73 dB(A)

Vibration: 4.6m/s2 at 90 PSI (6.2 Bar)

Connection: 1.3m braided air hose with quick coupler

On/Off Mechanism: Twist Valve

BPM: 14,000 at 6.2 Bar (90 PSI)

The Ammonite is the latest addition to our extremely popular 'Budget' Range. The Ammonite is an entry-level fossil preparation tool, developed to provide an affordable air tool specifically suited to fossil preparation. Although not as refined as our ZOIC PalaeoTech professional range of pneumatic tools, the Ammonite is multipurpose, robust and precise. TheAmmonite is suitable for the average hobby user, but we would recommend the more versatile and durable Maia (PRO Range) for commercial, extensive or higher level amateur usage. 

This tool works in a very similar way to the famous ZOIC Chicago, but comes in at a much lower price. It provides sufficent power to get through the rock effectively, but can be dialled down to do finer preparation. 

fossil preparation air scribe tt me9100 cp9361 air pen fossil prep
  • Excellent all-rounder

  • ZOIC PalaeoTech Budget Range. The best value fossil prep tools on the market!

  • Very frugal air consumption 

  • Extreme durability in fossil preparation
  • Air channels engineered to minimise noise output, whilst providing full frontal exhaust

For our starter kits, we offer a choice of basic stylus combinations. As you advance in your prep and discover more what you specifically need, there are further options available on our website. 

Technical Specifications

The air consumption (amount of air the tool requires to run) is very low at only 10lpm (0.35cfm), providing 14000 bpm at 6 Bars (90 PSI). The Ammonite has a nominal operating pressure of 6.2 Bar (90 PSI). A low air consumption means that your compressor will kick in less often creating less noise and costing you less to run. Low air consumption is also a great indicator of quality in air tools.

What’s in the box? The Ammonite Air Scribe, fitted with 1.3m extra flexible braided premium air hose) and particulate filter. Packaged in a presentation box with a euro coupler that will plug straight into the compressor, spare o-rings, silicone o-ring grease, 14mm spanner, Air Tool Oil, 1x protective scribe sleeve, User Manual & Declaration of Conformity. 


We manufacture each tool right here in Dorset, and take enormous pride in our workmanship. Each tool is quality controlled before it leaves our workshop. We use the genuine article as our starting point, sourced from Chicago Pneumatic, which means that the internals are exceptionally durable. Dependability, reliability, innovation and function are at the heart of what we do. We want for our tools to see you through whatever you may throw at them, and for you to enjoy using them. We want them to be as quiet as they can be, comfortable and a genuine pleasure to use. We design our tools to be low maintenance, requiring very little user input. If you look after your tools, they will look after you! 

How does the Ammonite compare to other tools?

The Ammonite compares most in our range to the ZOIC Chicago, although it is a fraction of the price and actually has a little more power behind it! It also compares to the Maia in terms of power, but is less versatile and flexible. 

CE & UKCA Conformable

air compressor

This kit comes with a 24l OL244/24 NuAir TECH Air Compressor - known for its quiet (62-66dB) operation, a good match for The Ammonite. The NUAIR Silent TECH OL244/24 24l Direct Drive Air Compressor is a powerful little air compressor for its size.

NuAIR Silent TECH OL244/24 24l Direct Drive Air Compressor

Tank Size: 24l

Motor: 1.1kw (1.5 HP) 

Air Capacity: 200L/min (7.1 CFM)

Weight: 21kg

Dimensions: 595 x 260 x 580 mm

Input Current: 13A

Noise: 62-66 dBa

Max. Pressure: 8bar (116PSI)

Oil Lubricated: No

Running at only 62-66dBa, this compressor is quiet running. Oil-less design means low maintenance and no risk of oil spillage. Features include thermal overload cutout, pressure regulator and dial and Euro female quick-connect. 

Personal protective equipment

Although probably the least exciting part of the kit, PPE is essential in fossil preparation. 

  • FFP3 Dust Mask

  • Safety Glasses

This kit comes with an FFP3 face mask (equivalent to N99), which is recommended as a minimum for fossil preparation. Not all face mask filters are created equal! Lighter duty or surgical face masks won’t prevent you from inhaling rock dust as the particles can be so small. Typically used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, these masks are ideal for keeping you safe.

Please always wear a mask. Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in silica particles (silica is a major component in sand and many rocks), which causes scarring of the lungs. Some fossiliferous limestones set underwater, and if you were to inhale that rock dust, you can imagine where it starts to set!

Our ZOIC PalaeoTech fossil preparation starter kits also come with safety goggles to protect against airborne rock chips and dust, as well as ear defenders to protect from the noise of the compressor. 

*Please note that PPE may vary from that pictured, but the grade and level of protection will be exactly the same. Depending on supply, we use different brands, colours and styles, but we always ensure that all PPE is conformable to standard.

  • What's in the Box?
  • Warranty
  • Payment Plans 
  • ZPT-AT The Ammonite (comes with user manual, air tool oil, 1.3m braided air hose, Euro connector, silicone o-ring grease, spare o-rings, 14mm spanner, scribe sleeve, and packaged in a wooden presentation box)

  • 24l NuAir Silenced Air Compressor

  • Quick Start Guide (easy instructions to help you set-up, understand and use your new pneumatic kit)

  • Safety Glasses

  • FFP3 Face Mask

Please note that the air compressor may arrive separately. We do not offer gift wrapping on the air compressor, but can gift wrap the rest.

24 month warranty on the Maia air scribe from ZOIC PalaeoTech to cover manufacturing faults and defects.
12 month manufacturer's warranty on the NuAir Air Compressor.
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