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Get started in the world of fossil preparation! This entry-level kit is an exceptional bundle including the air pen and air abrasives required to acheive some incredible results.

This beginner's kit comes with:

  • Air compressor (24l NuAir Quiet Air Compressor 1.5kW)
  • Air pen (the ZOIC PalaeoTech Trilobite)
  • Handheld Air Abrasive (Paasche Air Eraser)
  • FFP3 stone-dust rated dust mask
  • Ear defenders
  • Safety glasses
  • 1kg Dolomite Powder
  • 1kg Aluminium Oxide Powder
  • Inline Water Separator
  • All the fittings and connectors you require.

NB: Does not include a blast cabinet or dust extraction.

For a beginner, the world of pneumatics can be totally mindboggling. Whilst we’re always happy to advise you, we thought we’d take some of the weight off and put together a starter kit with some of our best selling products.

The Air Pen (or Air Scribe)

The Trilobite is an entry-level fossil preparation tool, developed to provide an affordable air tool specifically suited to fossil preparation. Although not as powerful or refined as our ZOIC PalaeoTech PRO range of pneumatic tools, the Trilobite is multipurpose, robust and precise. It is an all-rounder air pen designed to cover everything from moderate matrix removal to fine work.

The Trilobite

Optimal Operating Pressure:4-6.3 Bars (58-90 PSI)
Weight (Including Hose):270g
Dimensions:148mm length, 16mm diameter (5.8" long, 0.6" diameter)
Air Consumption: 17lpm (0.6CFM)
Connections: 1.5m braided air hose with PCL/Euro Connector
On/Off Mechanism:Twist Valve
BPM (At 6 Bars):31,500

The Air Abrasives

This kit comes with one of our Paasche Air Eraser kits, as well as a 1kg bag of Dolomite powder and a 1kg bag of Aluminium Oxide powder. The Paasche AEC Air Eraser is an entry-level air abrasive that is widely used in fossil preparation. The powder is held in the little cup on top and blasted through a tungsten carbide nozzle when you depress the button on top. This powder flow stops when the button is released.
For general work, use clean dry air at pressures of 2-3 Bars (30-45 PSI), going up to a maximum of 4.5 Bars (65 PSI). Simply fill the cup up with powder (works best at 1/2-3/4 full with aluminium oxide and 3/4 for dolomite). You may find that drying out your powders in the oven before using leads to better flow. Dolomite often requires a bit more 'pumping' of the button to get it flowing. To learn more about the different powders in air abrasives, read this article.
We recommend suitable dust extraction* and working in a blast cabinet* (this can be as makeshift as you like as long as it contains the mess!). This dust can be a health hazard and so please wear an FFP3 dust mask or a respirator as well as goggles whilst working.
*Not supplied with this kit, although send us an email and we will be happy to advise based upon your circumstances.

The Air Compressor

This kit comes with a 24l OL244/24 NuAir TECH Air Compressor - known for its quiet (66dB) operation, a good match for The Trilobite.

The NUAIR Super Silent TECH OL244/24 24l Direct Drive Air Compressor is a powerful little air compressor for its size. Running at only 62-66dB, the noise can be overpowered by a little background music! Oil-less design means low maintenance and no risk of oil spillage. Will comfortably run all ZOIC PalaeoTech air pens.

  • Thermal overload cutout
  • Pressure regulator and dial
  • Euro female quick-connect
  • 24l tank
  • Super quiet

The Protective Equipment

  • FFP3 Face Mask
  • Safety Goggles

This kit comes with anFFP3 face mask, which is recommended as a minimum for fossil preparation. Not all face mask filters are created equal! Lighter duty ones won’t prevent you from inhaling rock dust as the particles can be so small. Typically used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, these masks are ideal for keeping you safe.

Please always wear a mask. Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in silica particles (silica is a major component in sand and many rocks), which causes scarring of the lungs. Some fossiliferous limestones set underwater, and if you were to inhale that rock dust, you can imagine where it starts to set!

The ZOIC Fossil Preparation Starter Kit also comes withsafety gogglesto protect against airborne rock chips and dust.

*Please note PPE may vary from pictured. The grade and level of protection will be exactly the same, but it may be a different style/colour.


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International Customers - Whilst we do not ship air compressors internationally, we are happy to put together a kit for you minus the compressor. Please contact us on info@zoicpalaeotech.co.uk for more information. We are also happy to advise on air compressors that might be available to you in your home country.


Gift Wrapping

Please note that although the other items can be gift wrapped, the compressor can't be. The compressor will arrive separately from the rest of the kit.

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