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Impact build test sieves to exacting standards, with stainless steel mesh. When sieving your abrasive powders for first use or recycling, it is important to filter out any larger particles that might clog your air abrasive machine. All Impact sieves undergo strict testing to comply with legislation.

Impact have an excellent reputation for producing highly accurate sieves, manufactured right here in the UK. All Impact sieves are guaranteed to meet the applicable standard, and are UKAS accredited for laboratory use. Stainless steel mesh and frames are used to give you a long-lasting, non-deforming product.

Many ‘test sieves’ that you come across online are often 100-200 microns out from what they are advertised as (bitter experience speaking…), which could mean either wasting a great deal of powder that doesn’t appear to fit through, or introducing rock chips and larger particles to your abrasive system causing clogging. A quality test sieve will allow you to quickly and efficiently sort your air abrasive powders; an economical option when recycling particularly higher value substances such as iron powder; or for sorting less refined powders with a wider particle size distribution such as dolomite.

We stock a range of sizes that complement our range of powders. All have a 200mm frame with a 50mm depth. However, further sizes of mesh as well as frames are available upon request. Contact us here.


Iron powder should be sieved before use, and upon recycling between every use to ensure optimal flow through your unit. The powder can be collected from your blasting box and used over and over again (some use it upwards of 50 times). The 250μm sieve is ideal for sieving our 150μm Iron Powder. Typically, iron powder works best with a smaller orifice and nozzle in the air abrasive unit than most powders; thus it is important to screen it well to prevent clogging.


Aluminium oxide should be sieved prior to use to remove any larger grains, and can also be recycled. The powder can be collected from your dust extraction system, and reused (although it is not recommended to reuse too many times). The 150μm sieve is ideal for sieving our 53-65μm Aluminium Oxide Powder; and is faster than using a finer sieve and due to the diameter of orifice/nozzle sizes on most units it is not necessary to use a finer sieve. Sieving removes any foreign rock particles upon recycling, and any larger grains that might encourage clogging.

DOLOMITE - 100μm

Dolomite, due to the manufacturing process, typically has a wide particle size distribution. It is therefore important to sift out any larger grains prior to use to prevent clogging to ensure optimal flow.

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