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ZOIC PalaeoTech have designed, sized and built our ZPT Distributor to provide you with a versatile, future proofed solution to working with multiple pneumatic tools. We’ve even managed to prevent the pressure drops that usually occur when adding accessories into your air line.

A ruggedly designed, all metal, time and wear saving accessory for your fossil preparation set-up, backed up by our limited lifetime warranty (yes, YOUR lifetime, not that of the parts!).

Our ZPT Distributor has the following features:

  • Four female quick connectors (Euro/PCL or a custom combination of the two) for plugging in all your tools.
  • A rugged, solid, one-piece, aircraft-grade aluminium alloy body with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting to your wall or workbench either horizontally or vertically.
  • An industrial on-off valve for quickly shutting off the pressure in the unit.
  • A large, easily readable, top-mounted pressure gauge. Again, no getting up to look at the compressor - sensing a theme here?
  • A 10mm diameter polyurethane air hose with a genuine male quick connector (PCL/Euro/Industrial - contact us for others) for plugging straight into your compressor outlet or existing air hose.
  • A brass blanking plug at the opposite end of the unit allowing you to mount an extra female connector for an additional tool or to change the configuration of the existing outlets to suit your particular work set-up.
  • And last but most certainly not least - a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • Custom combinations made to order, up to 8 quick connect points in one unit. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
    Don’t believe us about the lack of pressure drop? Here’s a video. The pressure at the compressor is 80 PSI, and even with a length of hose and a water trap in between, our distributor is providing air to our air pens at 80 PSI!

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