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Provides airtight sealing in pneumatic set-ups. Lubricates threaded joints during assembly and helps prevent bi-metal corrosion. Suitable for cast iron, steel, alloys, plastic, brass and ceramics. Length 12m.

Otherwise known as plumber's tape or teflon tape, this is essential in your toolbox if you are putting together your own pneumatic set-up. Simply wind the tape around the male threaded portion of a connector/adaptor 5-7 times, taking care to wrap in the same descending direction as the threads. Make sure that none of the tape is obstructing airflow. You can then apply silicone grease for a greater chance of an airtight seal on the first attempt. Connect the fittings and you should have an airtight seal. It may take a couple of attempts to get it spot on. 

Complies with BS 6920-1:2000 and BS 7786:2006.

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